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Six rooms



Artists: Justyna Górowska, Domnika Olszowy, Mikołaj Sobczak & Nicholas Grafia 

Curators: Ania Batko i Aleksander Celusta 

Coordinator: Mateusz Piegza

Graphic design: Renata Motyka

Photography: Paweł Wyląg 

Partner: Unsound Festival  

Media Partner: Współczesna

Six rooms, four artists, two curators, and three performances. One graphic designer, one photographer, a dozen or so associates and volunteers of the Unsound Festival, and several dozen employees of Kraków Municipality. The number of viewers unknown. 
The exhibition takes place in three spacetimes. Everyone can see them, but no one can enter. In times of the pandemic, after one lockdown, and probably shortly before the next. Also, in the period of escalating ethnic, racial, and identity conflicts. Of the crisis and of crises. Environmental, economic, and political. At a time when modernity, by multiplying the possibility of relations, simultaneously emptied these relations of all content, and as the French philosopher Maffesoli would have it, this led to a transition from a community to a society that capitalizes on its desires.

We are part of a neo-tribe. We have our traditions and our rituals. We live on desert islands. Especially since utopia is also an island. An island that does not exist. We have been here before. We are sending hybrid letters in the bottles. We are lighting bonfires and sending smoke signals. Is ultimate lockdown a place of radical opening? 

The exhibition was co-funded by the Municipality of Kraków. www.krakow.pl