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Projects / Object - Space - City

Object - Space - City. A cycle of workshops on contemporary art and architecture 

01.05.2017 – 31.12.2018 

Coordination: Mateusz Piegza

Visual branding: Renata Motyka

Translation: Dorota Wąsik 

Photo documentation: Grzegorz Mart

The Object - Space - City project is a cycle of free, open-access workshops focused on various contemporary art and architecture phenomena, embedded in the urban fabric of Kraków. The program of workshops was constructed around the following modules: Object, Space, and the City. The proposed project was addressed to three age groups: 7-12-year-olds, 12-15-year-olds, and adults. The formula and the execution of individual tasks were adjusted to the age of target groups and the themes addressed. The goal of the project was above all to increase the knowledge of the participants in the field of contemporary art and architecture, by applying appropriate educational and cognitive tools. The participants also joined in the creative, artistic activities. 

The project was founded upon the belief that contemporary art may sometimes be perceived by society at large as a difficult, obscure, and elitist sphere, accessible only to the select few. Many recipients believe that it is a necessary condition for getting more deeply involved in visual arts to possess expert qualifications and extensive knowledge of art history. Instead, we believe that it is the task of educators to present art in a way that is accessible for persons with a variety of cultural competences and experiences. In this project, we hope to share our own knowledge as well as the knowledge of all the invited guests. 

The project was co-financed from the funds of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.