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Hum. Rafał Pietrowicz (rufus rufson) and Bartosz Zaskórski



Text: Ania Batko

Curatorial collaboration: Ania Batko and Aleksander Celusta

Visual identity: Krzysztof Zdunkiewicz

Game translation: Konrad Materek

Partner: Unsound Festival 

Premiere of the “Hum” computer game and promotion of the album “Нассать на мир”

The hero of this story lives in the future. In Postapoland, a strange not-quite-world from which he tries to escape at all costs. Even if it is into the past, where the thing that he is running from will have caught up with him anyway. During one of his time travels – and he does travel in time on a regular basis – he arrives in 1987. That year becomes a trap for our protagonist. A cul-de-sac that loops and chokes his body in the pickle of its sticky juices. Every December 31 he goes back to square one. The starting point and part of the “Hum” game is the album “Нассать на мир”, which Bartek Zaskórski recorded directly on a cassette tape as part of a mini-exhibition in the former studio of the Oneiron group of artists in Katowice. In 2020, the album was released by the cult label Not Not Fun Records, Los Angeles.